Friday Photos + Live Deer

I can't remember where I saw this--just a weird random mural that has sadomasochistic overtones.

The windows are now being dressed for Easter! Here is your very first plastic Easter egg tree.

Not sure what the tiger has to do with anything; maybe it's meant to create a visual balance?

Bunny and flowers.
I wondered about these two house. Did one person get a heart-shaped wreath and then the guy next door was like, Damnit, they're not going to show us up! And so he ran out and got one too? Or did one neighbor gift it to the other, who had to put it up or risk offense?

I love the tableau here. Beautiful Southern belle doll versus felled scarecrow.

Easter bling.
Oh, and here is my window. I always forget how much she loves being in the window. You can also see my Dalmatian coat in the reflection.

See how curious she is?

And don't think that St. Pat's Day gets no attention. Here are some green lights.

And an Irish doll plus celebratory hat.

These are a bunch of deer that were hanging out in Dan's neighbor's yard.

I mean, a LOT of them.