Fruit and Vegetables

In my attempt not to turn into a hippo, I've been eating more fruit and vegetables than ever before in my life. While I like fruit, I'm not a fan of vegetables--I have a slightly limited range of the ones I will eat without a fuss. And then some, I just hate. The other night, Dan knowingly added a beet to his steamed vegetable mix. This is something I would never, ever do. Eat a beet? Rather not. They're disgusting. You cut it, and your plate appears to fill with blood. Other vegetables that make me gag: sweet potatoes (and people always say, "Oh, no one ever made them right for you. I bet you would love my sweet potatoes." But I wouldn't. I don't care if they're covered in marshmallows and chocolate, they're still going to have that pulpy-ick taste), Brussels sprouts (I once ate a bunch and then discovered dozens of dead little bugs in between the leaves), squash, rutabaga, eggplant, sauerkraut (is that a vegetable? Well, it's disgusting. Anything that has surprise rye in it is gross), turnips--is it root vegetables I'm against? I think it must be. And I like almost all fruits except for papaya (rooty) and kiwi (bug-like seeds that get caught in your teeth). Omigod, this is the most innocuous topic I think I've ever written about here. Like, who cares about my preference for vegetables? Well, Mom does. One last inane aside: why would you put vegetables in dessert? Why add carrots to anything that's supposed to be sweet? Don't ever give me a birthday cake made out of carrots and nuts. I will cut you.

But enough about me. Here is a link to a website that has animated short films about muffins by Amy Winfrey.