I wish, wish, wish I had the confidence to just walk up to people ask them if I could take their pictures. Instead, I end up pretending to be looking at something on my phone which requires me to hold the phone up in an odd way and squint at it. It is so obvious that I'm taking a picture. I should just go with it.Today, the focus was mostly about hair. Saw this girl with really great, awful, California-style, reality TV hair. See:

And then so that made me start to notice the other hairdos around me. Here is an older woman that briefly sat in front of me. This style seems to require some maintenance. She may be one of those woman, like my grandma, who goes to get their hair "done" at the beauty shop once a week, usually before church.

And then the next person to sit in front of me had the quick ponytail/bun look:

And from afar, you can sort of see this Del-Co lady's hair.

And long, shiny hair:

Just a couple of more photos that I took. Please tell me if this is getting old. I thought I was going to be able to use this for my art history project, but I doubt that I will be creating an art piece around these...The photos are just too lo res and not great composition.But I do like these two since you can see faces.


I like the pensive men shot best...