Philadelphia = Seattle

It has been raining for the last seven or so days and yet I continue to forget to bring my umbrella. Kelly and I went to Ann Taylor after lunch today because they were having a dress sale: all dresses $39.50. Kelly got a buttercup eyelet dress that I really like, but I don't think I look good in l-ellow, as toddlers say.We both bought two dresses. Is that greedy? I am not even sure if they will fit, as we didn't feel like trying them on either. Such is the life of a consumer.

I got irritated yesterday because some guy was whistling on his way into the subway. He wasn't a bad whistler, but I thought, Why do we have to listen to you whistle? Luckily, he didn't sit on my side of the track, but I could still hear him and I wondered if the people he was near were irritated too or if they thought, "Hey, how nice! I love 'Tiptoe Through the Tulips!'"I don't feel bad about not liking that, because I have a couple of friends who have similar issues with unnecessary noises, such as Liz who doesn't like repetitive sounds and She Who Has Requested to Remain Nameless who is, even as I type this, teetering on the precipice of murdering one of her coworkers who constantly sniffs twice in a row. I also don't like the sound of: someone spitting, teeth on forks or spoons (why????), or a dry, nervous cough.