Summer in the City. In the City. In the Summer.

Ah...Summer in Philadelphia. Sort of. Yesterday, it was rainy and then cold and then hot. Today, it's been overcast and cool, but will possibly change into sunniness before you know it. Anyway, I have been trying to capture some of the natural beauty of S. Philadelphia (avoiding the places where you have to step over dirty diapers on the street, beer cans, hair weaves, sneakers, homeless people, etc.).

I wish this first picture had turned out better. When I saw this plant? shrub? I thought that it must be made of plastic. It's not though. 5 dollars of Monopoly $ for anyone who can tell me the name of this botanical wonder.

Oh, okay, let's not forget that it's still baseball season (I just had to ask my co-worker if it is, in fact, still baseball season. My mother would be very disappointed in me for not knowing that). Here we have a line of fuzzy bears and dogs dressed in Phillies gear.

More random prettiness along the street.

I like how this cat seems to just be leaning out of the screen door, like, hey, what's happening?

Aw, another Gretel! I heart calico's.

A lovely window containing stained glass and a stained tabby cat and the shoots of greenery springing up from the box.

Can you find the kitty? Look for the glint of greenish yellow eyes.

Two of my favorite things in the window. Obama and kitty.

Look, she's sticking her head out to sniff at me as if to say that she's hopeful too.


jodie said…
the shrub is clematis...but it's actually a vine.

your know-it-all friend Jodie