Gone, but Not Forgotten?

Every time I even consider doing a blog post, part of me just goes, no thanks. I have been busy at work, but that's no excuse, as I do go home in the evenings and so could manage to put something down here. But it's like the longer I go without writing, the easier it is not to write, or the harder it is TO write...Don't know.

Anyway, this will be brief, so don't get your hopes up, people.

Went to Brooklyn this weekend to visit L& L and we decided to have a yard sale on Saturday. I hauled up a bunch of clothes I planned on giving to Goodwill anyway and we put them out in front of their brownstone in Prospect Heights. A few people stopped and many others didn't, but we did make a little bit of cash (I sold 4 things. Liz sold about double or triple that). We did a little publicity as well by making signs. Liz would put down the logistics and then I would the pizazz in blue.

Here are three of the four examples. Though we had forgotten tape, we were very ingenious and found tape around boxes for a couple of the posters and then we had to chew gum vigorously to stick on the last one. Click to view a larger image.

As always happens in Brooklyn, we had a couple of great meals, including a delicious brunch at a nearby cafe. Liz and I both bought crepes and I also had a side of eggs. Yummy!Sorry that Liz looks like she's about to vomit on hers. I had to find a way to get her into the photo.