Happy Day After Mother's Day

My very own mother recently visited me in Philadelphia. Her visit was cut short, but we did manage to (1). have a home-made mom dinner, (2). participate in "take your mom to work" day, (3). consume two bottles of wine (4). introduce her to this boy, (5). force her to accompany me to a doctor's appointment, (6). and (7). crack each other up writing a thank you note to DF while watching Emma. Anyway, here are some photos from mom's visit. For mom, and for you, admirers of Donna.

First, a photo of her making mashed potatoes.

And brandishing a knife while also showing her team spirit to the Devil Rays.

Here we are looking coy.
Then, just for your viewing pleasure, here is the stray (and now fixed) mama kitty in her new home.
Which this photo startled her out of. Notice the X-ray vision eyes.

Ernesto, unfazed by anything except for the sound of the door opening, which signals that it is time to try to escape.

Emma Carol in all her fabulous fatness.

And here is where Henri spent most of his time while my mom visited. He remains fearful of everything, including hugs and catnip.