Not Wanting to Have a Birthday

OMG, you guys, I will be turning 40 this weekend. How did that happen? I am dreading it, as though I will be an entirely different person in three days. But I will, right? I will no longer be in the 30s demographic. And I've realized that I haven't really been taking care of myself for like 20 years. I still don't know how to cook (I take vitamins to compensate), and I don't really own anything, except for my car. I still rent my home. Have never had a baby. Am not married. Do not know anything about the stock market. Can speak Spanish at a third grade level. Can quote Annie Hall in its entirety. That's it. That's all I've accomplished in 40 years. That's pretty bad. Um...what else can I do? I am excellent at walking on my toes. Animals love me. Uh...Well, I'm still curious about a lot of things, so I guess that means I'm not brain dead. I want to travel more. I'd like to fall in love. I still believe that maybe I could still have a baby or possibly adopt one. I think I would be a good mom, if given the chance. So, whatever. On Sunday, I might do something radical, like having my hair cut into a buzz. Probably not, though. Probably I will just have my eyebrows done.


judesmama said…
Hi! Sorry you are feeling sad! I have 2 cats that are living in my backyard that you can have to make you feel better!
Aimee said…
That will make me even sadder...But thank you!
jodie said…
you wrote and published a BOOK. Plus, you're the funniest.

Did you get your present yet?