South Philly animals

Anyone who has known me for, oh, three minutes, will understand that I like animals. I will cross the street to pet a dog. I've only been bitten once, and that was recently (no bloodshed). I have also been peed on by a dog. Still, I forge bravely ahead. I'm considering opening a dog walking business on the weekends just so I can be around them. But I mean, I also like cats and horses and birds and meerkats, etc. Below, please find photo proving that cats do yoga.

Here are some goldfish in an outdoor pond on 10th Street. Sometimes, you will also see a parrot in front of the house, but only on very warm days.

This is a sad old dog wearing a pink collar. I just recently starting seeing her and petting her. I tried to feed her a piece of raisin bread but she wouldn't eat it. She wags her tail when I pet her but otherwise doesn't seem too excited about anything.

Siamese cat. She's a regular. I see her sometimes on my way to work.

Can you tell that this dog likes and recognizes me? I once asked his owner what the dog's name is, but now I've forgotten. Hercules? Something like that. He did eat the raisin bread I fed him. He has a lot of energy and seems almost always ready to jump on you, but he doesn't.