How Much is that Kitty in the Window?

Because we are between holidays, the windows in South Philadelphia have not been as exciting lately. Instead, I've taken to photographing the various animals that sit in windows. You can always find a cat or two and, if you're lucky, you will be able to spot a dog.

But first, here is a calico kitty I saw earlier this morning. It reminded me that I recently had a dream about Gretel, gone now for over two years. In my dream, she was alive and relatively healthy and though I knew in real life she was dead, I thought, Oh, how nice! She's come back to me in a dream and I get to hold her again.

She liked to sit in the windows too.

Cats will respond to you if you stand staring at them from outside their house.This one noticed me noticing him and seemed to be trying to open the window to let me on in.

Picturesque cat in the window who is gazing at the sky.

Smooshed faced fatty head. I think this might be in a cafe window.

And here you have a different view of the same lazy posture.

Dog, mid-bark.
Another little dog.
Last, but not least, here are Emma Carol and Ernesto looking out my back kitchen window, mere seconds after I had opened it for the first time in ages.

A kiss. Right after this, Ernesto slipped his head through the screen and almost climbed out, remind me why I had never really opened the window in the first place.