A Golden Heart

I don't know what's happening in this photo below. Somehow, the Virgin Mary has ended up hanging out with two turkeys dressed in people clothes. It may be one of the seven biblical signs that the end of the world is rapidly approaching.

Curious dog in the doorway. He seemed kind of okay, but then when I took his picture, he started barking and carrying on.

I like this picture because it makes me think that the cat is coming out from behind a curtain, somewhat like a magician. Like he should be saying, Ta-da!

Little doggie on the back of the sofa.

This is an iron horse next to a pond in Newtown, PA, the place way down yonder off of I-95 that I bravely traveled to this weekend.

A close up of the horse's imprisoned gold heart.

Nature was also observed in Newtown, specifically, geese and their waddling ducklings.

Of all varying sizes and ages. This picture reminds me of the cover of the children's book, Madeline, when all of the orphans are made to get in two straight lines.