Sunday errands

To do:

1. Pick up clothes dropped off this morning at the laundromat where the Asian man missing three fingers on his right hand always smiles and says he can have my clothes ready in a snap. It is criminally cheap to take your laundry in to this place rather than spending the two hours doing it yourself. Today's batch (about 2 loads) cost $15. I am living the life of luxury.

2. Return cable box to Comcast. I decided that even though I am a woman of a certain age who has her clothes "done," I do not need to pay $60 plus dollars a month to watch only mildly entertaining episodes of Real Housewives of Some Obnoxious County. I will miss Clean House, though. It's a very satisfying show to watch because they make everything pretty again. However, isn't there a way now for me to hook my laptop onto my TV and thereby watch stuff on the screen? Or did I dream that? Also, since I now have Netflix, I can also download their "watch instantly" crap, though it does feel weird watching it while sitting at my desk, as though I'm at school and suffering through a filmstrip. I did buy an antannae yesterday, and so can sort of get Channel 10 and a couple of others, but alas, I can't get ABC, Channel 6 for The Bachelorette. Well, I take that back. I can get a snowy, fuzzy version of it . I can hear it but not really see it. It's like watching TV without your glasses on. I wonder if there's a way to watch it live anyway on my laptop, but then how can I also blog about it?

3. Finish reading and commenting on students stories for class tomorrow.

4. Gym with Liz in just a few minutes. Without my cable, the gym takes on new significance as they have TVs on all of the machines. I may just have to go there at 9 p.m. tomorrow to do the elliptical and watch The Bachelorette, while also dictating wry commentary to some assistant or another.

5. Learn to use my new phone. I realized yesterday while we were at Circuit City or somewhere that I was due for a new free phone and so now I have one that doesn't actually seem any different from my old phone, except it's silver and you can type a message to be displayed on the front, like "Yes, we can."

My, God, I am living the life of luxury--someone to do my laundry, new phones, gym membership, just had my hair cut recently--all I need now is a driver and a personal chef.


I was thinking about the TV converter I have and it won't do you any good because it is meant to convert old television sets that were not set up to receive a cable signal to be able to plug into a service such as comcast, the very thing you are getting rid of. It is good that you have given up on comcast, though, as I read they were rated one of the worst companies of 2008/2009. Maybe we will switch cable companies and boycott the monopoly comcast has on the cable industry in philly.