David Cross and I Should Marry

I downloaded a bunch of his stand-up this weekend and now find myself walking down the street listening to it and bursting out laughing (and so looking like a crazy person). I don't care. He's un PC and calls women the c-word (well, just Paris Hilton and Nicole Richey. He has a bit about the Simple Life where he describes them as "two rich giggling cunts." In this case, it is the perfect, perfect description) and makes fun of gay people (while at the same time making the argument that homosexuality is not a choice, but genetics) and religion (not that I care about that) and jokes about lowing the age of sexual consent to 15 because "he's a grown man with skills," not like some acne-scarred 16 year old boy who's going to pop in 15 seconds, and I would marry him in a second. I like that he's angry and hates George Bush so so so so so much and also isn't too keen on rednecks or Republicans (has this bit about how after 9/11, he was so sick of all this rah-rah American bullshit, including the reissuing of that country song by Tobey Keats that the wrote for the Gulf War but then re released after Sept. 11 with the line about America that goes "and I'd surely stand-up next to you and defend her all the way..." He says, "Well, here you go, motherfucker. Here's your second chance. Put your money where your mouth is, you hypocrite...'Oh, I didn't mean me, I meant my neighbor's kid...'") and I like that he's completely nerdy looking and not afraid to emphasize that fact.


Anonymous said…
I agree with your take. His albums are the rare comedy albums that hold up on repeated listens. You should also check out Patton Oswalt, who for me has actually supplanted David Cross as the best cultural commentator in comedy.
Aimee said…
Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely seek out Oswalt too.