More Pictures Plus Blood

So, I made it through my latest dental appointment without too much trouble except for the excessive blood that keeps pouring into the back of my throat. I can't stop smiling at myself in the mirror and looking at the blood between my teeth. It appears that I've just lost/won a fight. I would take a picture but it's grody to the max. The oral surgeon was very nice. I had to have another one of those horrible shots to the roof of my mouth and he sang while he did it, "You're okay, you're okay, you're doing fine!" I paged through a magazine for a few moments while that half of my face went dead and he came back in and said, Now, tell me if you feel any of this. I thought he was just testing if I was numb and then he said, "One root out!" He had my head pressed against the side of his stomach and he was singing again, "Sit real still. Don't move. You're doing great! Keep still, almost there, don't move..." It was over in a jiffy. I didn't even feel him pull out the tooth which is so weird. And now I'm sitting here with gauze in my mouth. They don't like you using gauze too much for some reason--I guess it disturbs the area--but I was starting to feel sick from swallowing blood. Plus, of course, I know better than the surgeon. He also wrote me a prescription for Tylenol 3 but I'm not going to take that until much later because it'll probably make me sleepy.

Below, please find a cat who lives in a local marketplace. I believe he has been featured before. I didn't have many photos this week b/c we were off Monday, I was at the retreat for two days, and I didn't go in today. Still, a cat is a cat is a cat.

I'm not really sure what this white statue even is. A very long-necked lion? A dragon?A seahorse? I like the red door and the white together.
Here is an actual plate of Pope John Paul the 17th as ordered on late night QVC. So, yes, in case you were ever curious, people to actually buy these things and display them with pride.

Your Virgin of the week. This is one of a few Scottie dogs that line the gateway of a very pretty house
This is the other half of that mural (see previous Friday publication with the grandma holding the miniature grandma). I don't know why she's wearing a tie of dollar bills, perhaps she is the Saint of Strip Clubs?
Ernesto through my window. He couldn't figure out why I was just standing out there and not coming in to see him.
Here he is with a really round face. A pumpkin cat.
I'm still bleeding. This is disgusting. Padhraig just called to make sure I'm still going to check on the cats and he said it's normal to keep bleeding and that I should just put in more gauze. He said he's had loads of teeth removed and that it'll stop after a couple of hours. But the instructions say only to use gauze if you're bleeding a lot. I can't tell if this is a lot or a little.