Back from CT

Spent the weekend in Danbury, CT visiting with my mom and stepdad and my stepfather's son (John) and wife (Patty), their two children (Elise and Nash), a grandchild (Payton), two cats, and a dog. Their part of Connecticut is really beautiful; lots of trees and A-frame houses with widow's peaks and clapboard siding. John and Patty's house is gorgeous and I slept in Elise's old room with the pillow-topped mattress. It made me realize that maybe it would be nice to be wealthy.

Below, please find a photograph of my stepdad who was mostly quiet the entire time I was there. He's not the best conversationalist and he mostly likes to just fish and play cribbage.
This is his son, John (not a great photo of him--he's making a funny face). I've known John since I was little, but we've always met at weird in between ages that didn't match (he's about ten years older than me). This time, we had a little more in common or at least it felt easier to talk to him.
Their Rhodesian Red-back, Levi, age 14. The breed is classified as "aloof." He totally was.

The two ginger cats, Casey (meowing) and Cinnamon, on death's door. I found out this weekend that most (possibly all) orange tabbies are male. Poor Cinnamon is 17 years old and has a smelly ear. I mean, he can't help it, but he does really smell like something bad. Casey's a few years younger and missing some teeth. V. friendly.
Here is Patty with the baby girl Payton. This is seconds before Levi woke up and bit her face off.

Another baby Payton. She has a round, round face and a habit of squinching up her nose when she doesn't like something. She didn't fuss while she was around us and she let me hold her with nary a peep.
Here is my so beautiful mom. She's 64. Isn't she pretty?

And here we are, back at home. Please investigate the photograph and let me know how many things Ernesto is doing wrong at one time.