My Inevitable Fame and Fortune

I'm taking my first Drexel class tonight: screenwriting. I probably should have waited to buy the software required until I see what the class is like before I spent $99 to download what's basically just a formatting program. Who knows, maybe I will have found my true calling and sell a screenplay for billions of dollars. I am certain my friends would agree I have a talent for glib, superficial writing that would translate well into a sit-com or a Geico commercial (though as an aside, I don't understand the amalgamation of the ads including car insurance and Aunt Jemima. Haven't we all agreed that AJ is a racist throwback mammy symbol? Maybe Geico's newest slogan is, Don't be a slave to your car insurance). I don't have any particularly brilliant screenplay ideas at the moment though. We watched Waitress when I was in CT; sort of an indie movie starring Keri Russell written by one of the other actors in the movie (who was subsequently murdered in her Brooklyn apartment). I liked this movie b/c she didn't end up with a guy at the end. She didn't need one. She had this baby girl who she loved in an instant.

I never saw Juno b/c I objected to what I knew would be overly-witty and smarmy teenage dialogue, but I know lots of people liked the movie. Fargo is another one of my favorites, but that seems pretty elaborate; like I'd have to come up with a plot with twists and turns and murders and mishaps and people getting stuffed into wood-chippers. What else? Other scripts I like: Garden State, Rushmore, Truly, Madly, Deeply, any of Christoper Guest's movies, Next Stop Wonderland, Amalie (I will write a film entirely in French though I don't speak a word), what's that other Hope Davis film with Parker Posey? Daytrippers. Oh, I also really liked Working Girl, especially the part at the end where Joan Cusack gets a call from Melanie Griffith and finds out she's moving up the ladder and she stands up at her desk and yells, "YES!" Maybe I'll write a screenplay about a bunch of writing graduate students and their boring little dramatic lives. Dead Poet's Society at graduate school ("Captain, my Captain!"). And someone can get murdered. No, someone can disappear and the clues are in the story she's been writing. See, I can't even think of anything that hasn't already been done or that doesn't involve some kind of weird, unnecessary intrigue.


Dr Zibbs said…
Good luck with the class.
Michelle said…
I'm a film student. Two years ago I had an incredible dream that would've translated brilliantly into a feature screenplay. I wrote all the important details into a text file, and since then, have yet to write a page.

There's just never time, you know?
Aimee said…
Well, at least you have something, right? Now you just have to set aside the time.