Friday Photographs: Not Exciting

Not a great week for photographs; can't really say why, because I did have my eyes peeled on most of my walks. I guess there were 2 mornings this past week when I didn't talk my longer route, so had less to go on. Plus, maybe I've finally run out of interesting Philadelphia windows. Don't think so. Especially since they tend to change with the seasons. Below, please find a chaotically patched cat for your review.

Here is a spooky cat. Only because he's looking down at you from above, like, Beware the mulberry bush. Many gargoyles and then one ceramic cat.

This door knocker can be found somewhere along Spruce--maybe between 15-16. You may not be able to tell from the smaller photograph, but the knocker is a lion. People in Philadelphia seem to love lions.

I am cranky today. Didn't get much sleep last night (maybe like three hours?), and I'm not complaining about the reason why and then there's all this sort of strange work stuff going on and I don't know if I'll like this screenwriting class, as the teacher not only referred to me as "the only adult in the class" about four times, he also gave me $20 and told me to buy him a large coffee from Starbucks before every class. Is that rude or what? But I didn't say no. It's also a pretty big learning curve for me b/c I've never taken a film or media or TV class--writing or otherwise and so the format is all new:

Fade in:

Interior office: mid-day. Woman quickly types at her computer.

Cut to: Strange man standing outside of her door.

Voice Over: That was the day a strange man stood outside of my door.


Is somewhere there or what?

Fade out.

The really good part though is that he gave us a disc with a bunch of screenplays burned onto it, including a few I mentioned in my last post as my favorites, and then a few others that I really like too, such as Princess Bride. Maybe it won't totally suck, but it's hard to be on campus from 8 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and then not get home until almost ten thirty.


jordynn said…
I love the weekly cat photos/windows btw. Keep them coming! I don't see ANY interesting things in windows here, except maybe for the thrift shop.
Aimee said…
Okay, thanks. I worry that it's the same thing over and over (which it essentially is), but I can't help it--when I see one in the window, I have to take a photo.
Lisa Marie said…
I want a copy of that disc!!
It is so helpful to find copies of
successful screenplays. ~lmp
Aimee said…
You can have a copy, but unless you have this $99 program, you can't view them. I think what I'll do is see if I can save them as Microsoft documents and then I'll email them to you. We are taking parallel classes now! (Kind of!).