When Liz visited this weekend to do her door-to-door campaigning, she let me have an "Obama/Biden" pin. This morning, I put it on my bag--this after some internal debate about whether or not it was appropriate to have a political pin visible at work, even though it wouldn't be visible since my bag is typically under my desk, not displayed in a case at the entrance to my office. But then wearing it, I felt slightly vulnerable, especially when passing a clump of fat white South Philly men who may or may not be supporters. Liz said this weekend that she thought lots of them would be Democrats b/c of being union men, but I've also seen some McCain posters nestled up next to VM's in the Union League windows, so you never know. And there's that shitty t-shirt display across from Geno's that reads "You're in America. Speak English." That makes me want to go over to the dude's at Geno's and say, "When your grandfather/father first came to America, did he speak English? Like, the second he got off the boat? You fucking idiots." And then the pin made me think that maybe all black people who saw me wearing it liked me just a little bit better (as if all African Americans are voting for Obama).


Anonymous said…
I too suffer all kinds of mental contortion when I wear my Obama pin. But I have no problems driving my Obama-stickered car. Hm.

Love your blog.

It's Julie from Phila Stories.
Aimee said…
Hey, thanks, now I know I'm not alone!