One More Thing

Just received a blog comment from Lisa Marie pointing out that I have 38 entries labelled "cats" and only a few labelled "Lisa Marie." That reminded me that I took photos of my two charges from this weekend, Paul Skoles and Piper. See if you can discern them from this passel of kittens in the photo below. Paul Skoles was always the biggest kittie, and Piper, the most skittish. And look, thanks to Carrie and Padhraig, they are real life cats now.Paul is the more assertive/obnoxious of the two. He needs to be in your lap, on your face, kneading your hair at every second. Piper is a little more demure, but still very friendly. I sort of prefer Piper because he's less aggressive, but the truth is that he's more of a behind-the-scenes bad boy. He misbehaves, but isn't as obvious about it as Paul is.

Plus, they are best buddies.
And Paul meows more often than Piper--this sort of low, mannish meow that makes you think that maybe he has been stabbed and is slowly dying, but doesn't want you to worry about it too much.


Lisa Marie said…
Yay, I'm up to 3!!!
But the cats are up to 39, so I'm really not any further in the race.