Pictures the I Should Have Posted Last Week Except I Was Lazy

You might think that Philadelphia is just a cold, hard city without whimsy or cows, but look:

Last time I posted photos, my mom emailed me to ask if I had to seek out the Virgin Mary's that are usually included. The answer is no. Every other window or home in South Philadelphia is graced by the VM. This particular Virgin lights up at night.

Blurry photo of the night sky. I took this last Wed. while walking home from the subway after my first Kelly's Writer house meeting--a writing group at Penn that meets every other week. We went over three stories/essays. I might make friends.

I know the reflection in this photo is bad, but I still like the idea of the window. Very Marie Antoinette. And who doesn't love to see a porcelain man in a powdered wig?

Took this photo on one of my breaks from jury duty. Our case was held on the 6th floor of City Hall. A wonderful building though the bathrooms are difficult to find.

New phallic-imagery wall painting on South and 6th Street honoring black firefighters.

Piper in repose. This was one day after he and Paul Skoles had their balls nipped off.

He is becoming a cat. An eunch cat, but still a cat. It's kind of sad, because you wish they could always be kittens.

Though look how handsome he is.


paddy said…
Oh, he's handsome alright; but very very bold with it.
Aimee said…
He must've learned that from somewhere close to home...