American Citizen

Had jury duty for three days last week--I was certain I wouldn't get selected, but I didn't write down or say anything too unAmerican or smart or ignorant and so I was one of eight on a civil case involving a man suing the Philadelphia Housing Authority for a back and neck injury he allegedly sustained when an employee rear-ended him in a car accident two years ago. The group of people were pretty nice, though one lady seemed kind of simple when she said (after one hour of listening to a witness the first day), Well, they're dragging this on. I was like, We've heard one person. I didn't like the lawyer for the plaintiff that much because the judge (a woman) kept interrupting him as though he were doing something wrong and he spoke too fast and the court reporter got really irritated with him. We awarded the dude $33,500, about $23,500 more than I recommended (I didn't believe his testimony).

Liz and Luke were up this weekend to campaign for Obama and we went to dinner at Chick's Wine Bar with C&P (good pick, Carrie), but we didn't get to spend a ton of time together b/c they had to turn around and go home. We still got to laugh though, especially when both Liz and Luke were both separately blasted in the hip with my malfuncting soap dispenser in the bathroom. Luke called it the money shot.

Sunday, I made my film debut starring in LM's 2 minute black and white movie for her film class. I did not behave like a diva. I thought I was quite placid and agreeable. No acting required, but it's amazing how self-conscious one can become from knowing your actions are being filmed. For instance, in one scene, I just had to walk up these stairs and I knew she was just shooting my feet, but I had to think before I stepped forward like, Wait, how do you go up stairs again?