Window Dressing

These are the people in my neighborhood. You can click on each photo to get a larger view. How would you caption the photo to the left? "What's for dinner? Please don't tell me it's African deer pot pie again." Or this next photo. Hmm...Do you think a woman has been in this house for the last ten to twenty years? If so, what is she like? I particularly love the unlit Bud Light sign in the middle pane. The other window photo is difficult to see. I tried to take the picture from several different angles, but they all turned out wonky because of the way the light was falling. In any case, you can see that the family loves Winne the Pooh (far left), Tigger, Pikachu, and these sort of Buddhist looking figures or maybe they're Asian wisemen.Finally, meet Barbara, the exotic parrot who hangs out in front of this house on 8th Street (my friend Mary Beth told me her name. Apparently, the bird is a well known fixture in South Philly). You can't see it, but to the left of Barbara is a cool fountain with goldfish in it. There's also a cat who lives here and doesn't seem at all interested in killing Barbara, who is as tough as nails.

On another note, per a conversation with someone we will refer to from now simply as "Clark," I was reminded today of this phenomenon Dave and I used to call "Dumb with Desire" or DWD. That's the thing that happens when you are around someone who you're really attracted to and you can be having like this normal conversation and then something will happen, like the person will brush against you slightly or say something mildly provocative and you are suddenly in the midst of DWD and your brain stops functioning normally. If you're walking, it might cause you to stumble. If you're trying to talk to the other person, it can make you question the correct arrangement of words needed to create a coherent sentence. For instance, you might want to say, "Oh, that's interesting," but because you have been struck DWD, you instead say, "Interesting that is," as if you had suddenly become Yoda. And you try to work through it, because it can happen at any time, in broad daylight, and so you're trying to keep your cool, you know, you can't just become a cave person and knock the other person over the head with a large tree branch and drag them back to your house. Well, you can, but it's harder as a girl to accomplish that act with any grace. This used to happen to Dave and me all the time when we first started grad school. I don't know what it was with us--we're both Tauruses? Is there some cosmic thing that draws you to particular people and makes you just this creature driven completely by biology? I don't know the current population count and so can't accurately calculate the numbers; but, just from my own personal experience, this doesn't happen all that often. I suppose I'm attracted in this way to 1 in...200 men who I also find conventionally attractive. In other words, I'm talking about how, of the 200 men who I find cute and attractive, only one of them causes the DWD reaction. Is that a lot or not? It's probably much different for men, who, if you believe a recent story from NPR, can come unglued by the glimpse of an ankle or the slope of someone's neck or the sound of her voice.