No Bachelor post for Monday as I was indisposed (i.e. out and about picking up strange men in local bars). Julie told me that the black girl was kicked off, along with psycho Robin. She also sent me the link to nbc to watch the show, but I haven't had time to do that, because I am so busy, people. 

Right now, I'm sitting in Mary's living room has wonderfully big windows and overlooks an important river whose name I'm too lazy to look up on the map. As soon as Renee fixes her glasses, we will be jumping on the #7 subway line to Grand Central and then getting another subway to Canal Street and Chinatown and then Soho and Tribecca. I love New York--we've had about five conversations with strangers so far today and I petted 3 dogs and one very old cat in the pharmacy store (Charlie, an orange Tom who is twenty and likely to die within the next twenty minutes). Yesterday, we walked around near Times Square and then out to dinner at Vnyl with Mary and her two co-workers. I ordered fried chicken and mashed potatoes.  Then we came back to Mary's place and watched In Treatment. This is the life. Tonight, Liz and Luke may come out to meet us for drinks at Fat Cat and then we'll probably grab dinner nearby. Tomorrow, I will get to have lunch with Joe and see what's happening in his world. 

We must go. We are missing things!