Play Right

We went over my first date scene in class today and it was okay, except that it seems that the guy character isn't as developed as the female. Or they're too similar or something. Too clever and glib. What I need to do is sit my ass down and write the whole thing instead of these dribble and drabble of scenes that may or may not be adding up to a coherent piece. We read another scene by a guy who has very little playwriting experience. It was called "Leave Behind." Excerpt:

Son: Mom, I am a grown man, but I understand that in your eyes, I will always be your baby and that is something you can not (sic) leave behind.

Mom: Its like how you can't leave the Jersey Shore behind, I can't and will not leave being your mother behind. (Side note: I wish, I wish, I wish there had been a typo so it had read: "I will not leave being your mother's behind behind.")

Son: You will always be my mom, mom.

Mom: I better be!

The guy and I reading the two parts out loud in class started laughing after reading that part, but luckily, the stage directions called for laughter, so it wasn't too noticeable. Afterwards, the guy reading "son" said something like, "It reads sort of like fortune cookie dialogue" and that made me laugh again. I am a mean, mean girl.

I feel super spacey today, partly from spending a couple of days in New York with not a lot of sleep and partly from staying up too late again last night playing "getting to know you, getting to know all about you" (what musical is that from? The name escapes me. Annie? Annie Get Your Gun? Jesus Christ Superstar, She's a Greasey Fair Lady from Oklahoma with Cats on 42nd Street?). I need to take a nap, but I also drank about fifteen cups of coffee today. Here is a photo of Luke and I at Fat Cat in Greenwich Village on Thursday night and then another of Liz and I seconds later. I wish there were a bar in Philly where you could go to play games (they had pool, shuffle board, ping pong, Scrabble, chess, darts, water polo, etc.) I do not mean Dave and Buster's. Look how super adorable we are, even in black and white.

Just as an aside, would it be possible for the ice cream truck guy to get a new tune? He just drove by and will probably circle the block 100 more times before night fall, playing the same maddening tinkling, head-ache inducing, scary clown music.


Liz said…
Oh my god. I f*ing HATE that ice cream truck tune. I hear it in my sleep. I hum it in the shower. When I'm stressed out and am trying to use calming techniques to get myself to sleep that bloody F*ing song creeps in my head and keeps me awake.

I want that sound system destroyed.

Aimee said…
I know, I hear it all the time too. We could maybe get a group together and take down the system somehow. I'd do it.