The Scintillating Business of Waiting for Nothing Really to Happen

I could not be a reporter. I can't imagine trying to fill airtime with b.s. and guesses and sounds of people shouting and making pronouncements based on little information from various even less informed sources. According to NPR, it appears that Hillary will win PA and this gives me a stomach ache. Not that I hate her or anything, but I just really don't think that the American public will elect her for president. Probably not Obama either, but I was (am) rooting for him. So does this mean that we will have another f-ing Republican president? I will have to defect. I'll move to Montreal to become the nanny of Hasana and Will's pending baby. For real. I can learn French or at the very least, can do an excellent French accent and just tell people who are speaking to me in French that I am trying to practice my English, please, if you do not mind to speak avec moi only in English, Frere Jaqcues, et parlez vous Pig Latin, if you si vous plait?

Heard today that President Bush has formally denied that we are in a recession. Instead, he explained, we are in an economic downturn. Um...That's otherwise known as a "recession," no?