Friday Photos

This bicycle, besides being built for hauling stuff, also has a sticker that reads "I heart rogue taxidermy."

Here is a smooshed tabby face. I worried at first that maybe one of his eyes was missing.


The screened in cat.
Free range cat on garbage day.

Oh, I just like this balcony and the floors because it's this splash of European-ness in the middle of the city.

Another cool bike--this one is a Schwinn.

If I took myself seriously as a photographer and were like 14 years old, I would call this photo "Childhood Lost" or "The End of Childish Dreams," or "They Make Pink Legos??"

I may have taken a picture of this before--I'm not sure. I just like it.

And here is a link to The Daily Show's piece about the Florida pastor who wanted to burn the Koran (thanks to Leigh Ann who thinks it's funny but won't post it on her blog because she doesn't want to be too political):