King Tut in Hat

I forgot to mention that little dogs can also be included in the cats-in-hats competition. Why not? This dog below is smaller than many cats we've already seen. This is Tut, who was born of a bastard Jack Russell slut of a dog from Philadelphia. He is ten years old, mostly blind, and the only child of Jim and Lisbeth ________. He will likely outlive them. His interests include walking, biting children in the park, riding on the neck of Jim, intruding on social gatherings, pooping in inappropriate places (and never being punished), and squeaky toys.

Here he is on a pillow in the living room of the home I've never been to because Lisbeth is a hoarder and they also never have toilet paper.

Looking dapper on the patio, currently under redesign by the Amish.

Note foggy eyes.
Full body shot. The reason he is named Tut (as in King Tut) is because of the black triangle on his tail, which reminded the nine year old neighbor girl of the pyramids. Huh?