My Future

A couple of weeks ago, my awesome realtor, Jeanne, introduced me to another woman she sold a house to one block over. The woman's name is Peggy, she bought her first house last year at age 80, and Jeanne mentioned that she had a few cats. I was thinking this meant that she had like 8 cats. But when we got into the house, I counted first 10 and then thirteen cats (one was on the fridge, one was under the couch, and another was a different black cat from the original one I saw. All told, there ended up being 4 black cats). During the tour of the house, more cats were revealed--five or six in the basement, four or five more in the upstairs bedrooms, and the miscellaneous cat here and there. But the house was in order, she had litter boxes, water bowls, and food dishes on each floor. Still, it was a lot of cats. I couldn't decide if she was living my dream come true or my nightmare.

Here are some of them after I gave them catnip and they all converged on the living room floor.

And who knew there was a single persons site for cat lovers. Guess what it's called? GET IT????