Art Show

This weekend, Dan hosted an art show at his house in the country. His sister, her kids, his mom, the landlady, his neighbor, and a couple of other friends. The landlady is this older woman from Texas who talks about her divorce as if it happened two weeks ago instead of 25 years ago. She got the house in the settlement.

In any case, here is part of what was on display. First, my work. My medium is thick Crayola markers.

This was the sign on the front door. Please note how cleverly I created a visual image to go with the letter in each word.

Luke drew the portrait on the left. On the right is one called Uncle Todd.

Not two of my favorites. Luke named both of these. The one to the right is Mrs. Timberlake.

Princess Vacant and Baby Margaret.

Scary twins and a cat that Luke named L. Barny.

I like these two: Priscilla, Accident-Prone and Bill.

Kay Banana was the first one I did in this series. Below her is "The Shut-in."

And then these are Luke's creations. He had a whole section called "Zoology." He mostly draws animals.

He has a cartoon book he uses and he copies from it.

Dan and I both like Luke's use of negative space here.

It's flattering that he copies my ideas and then makes them better. Look how the elephant breaks up the "e" and the "a."

More sketches.
And these are Dan's drawings that he does with his eyes closed, using meditative breathing.

Finally, meeting Bob and Shirley, the newest editions to their household. They may eat one another, but that will just be an important life lesson for Luke about the inevitability of death.