Demonic Squirrels

On thing I love about the campus is the plethora of squirrels squirreling around. They hop in and out of the garbage cans lining the walk, they scramble up trees, and, if you're eating anything, they run up to you and put their little paws on your bare legs. I like to tsk-tsk at them to get them to come over to me even when I don't have food. And then sometimes, you see them burying the things they've found, as this one is doing here.

And it turns out that what he's trying to bury is a full-sized Milky Way bar or at least a Milky Way wrapper. Looks too, like he just finished having a cigarette.

And then one thing I like about Princeton is that almost every week, Dan's landlord manages to find something large to throw out on the curb--a toilet, a refrigerator, 25 year old divorce papers, ripped out cabinets, and this chair.

How artful. I will call these two in the series Chair with Tree Growing Out of It, I and II.