Curb Side Give-Aways

Well, this isn't a curbside give-away; just a rare glimpse of the Virgin Mary encroaching slowly on turtle-like thing. Took this picture after going with Jenn B. to the T-Barr on Jackson last night, where we met our friend and awesome realtor, Jeanne and a few of the other people she helped find houses in Lo-Mo.

The day before was trash day, and I snapped a few photos of free things you can find on the streets of Philly, such as this highly-graffiti-ied, piece of crap door.

Thought you might like to see a detail of the quality of work and originality here.

Here is a free mattress, though it is marked "trash," in case the garbage men think it's just being stored alongside the house.

Kitchen cabinet and perfectly serviceable golf bag.

Sofa with fringe.
And this is the saddest one of all--an old doggie that must have one time belonged to a kid who loved it, right? Though I guess if you had a small home, it would be hard to justify a stuffed animal who takes up much of one room.

I took a picture of this sign b/c I like that it's M. Finkel and Daughter when you so often see "and Son" instead. Not sure why there's a period after the name, but I'm willing to overlook it.

Kitty in a doorway, mid-meow.

And a lush window near Spruce Street.

Kitty shoe scrapper.


Mary said…
I know the Finkel "daughter." She's an amazing woman, and I also admired that sign and the shop windows when I first moved to Philly, before I met her.

See you Monday night, by the way!