So, the first class starts tonight at 5:30. Here are my fears: (1). I will be one of three students; (2). We will be asked to do a free write and then to read it out loud. It's not that I don't like free-writing, necessarily, it's just that it seems like a huge time suck and I'm not really interested in hearing what other people write off-the -cuff. Plus, I get embarrassed if mine isn't very good; (3). The teacher will be mean and hostile; (4). We will be asked to do trust falls; (5). I will be the oldest person in the room by far; (5). The rest of the class will be awkward 19 year old's; (6). The class will go over time; (7). The teacher will praise genre fiction.

In other news, I went with Leigh Ann to the ER this morning because her eye was swollen shut and she had bad depth perception. We weren't in there very long, but we did get to watch a large man in a wheelchair dry and wet heave into a plastic canister several times while the rest of the waiting room winced and looked away. And then we got in to see the nurse practitioner and she saw LA's eye and said, That is disgusting! She mentioned how disgusting it was no fewer than a dozen times, really. She was nice except for that and also said, Good girl, when Leigh Ann blinked correctly. I was a little envious that she didn't call me a good girl.

And here is a link to the latest column I wrote for Philadelphia Stories. It's called "Good Beginnings."


You are a good girl! A very good girl! Have a treat!
Pat said…
Have you paid your blog tax yet? Pay up!
Aimee said…
I'm pretty sure the blog tax is just for people who make $ from their blogs--like peeps who run banner ads and stuff. I don't do that. However, I will accept any large personal checks you would like to send me.