First-Ever "Caption That Photo" Contest

I ran into Leigh Ann on the bus this morning and we were looking at the photo below, which I took after she and I spotted this man sprawled on the lawn of the campus. She suggested I add it to my blog and call for captions. The winning caption will receive a FREE cat-related item.

Here is the photo. Please click on it for a larger view, so you can see what you're dealing with. Send all captions through the comment section of this blog.

And then, here are the rest of your Friday photos, taken on my morning walks to Walnut Street. First, a tuxedo cat.

Then a scared-y orange cat. I just like how round his eyes are.

Window display at a funky shop on 13th and Pine-ish.

Not sure what this t-shirt means, but I like the color.

Wanting out.

Another startled cat.
Cute bike.

Not sure what this cat is looking at. I like the curtains behind him which is embroidered with flies.

And here is Luke last weekend. Notice missing tooth.

We took him to this farm and forced him to do chores like gather chicken eggs. He and the other kids were obsessed with these fruits they found on the ground. They kept calling them monster fruits, but I am guessing there is another name for them.


Mary said…
Osage oranges.
Gimme that nut.