A Woman's Right to Be Oppressed

Walked by Planned Parenthood today and noticed for the first time the signs reading, "Babies Killed Here," and "Baby Killing: Starting at $400." Of course, the protesters were two old white men who would have better spent their time volunteering at a homeless shelter.

I felt this surge of rage, wanting to stop and confront them and ask them how many kids they have personally adopted in their lifetime. You want women to have their babies regardless of their ability to provide for them then you better be prepared to take on an extra dozen kids or so into your life. I also thought it might be fun to ask them if I would get a discount on the $400 if I were carrying twins. I didn't say anything--in real life, I'm not so great with being offensive and confrontational. But it still pissed me off. Maybe I'll walk by there again tomorrow and ask a few questions. Which will be answered by some kind of contradictory Bible verses like, "A baby is born to be borne. A grown man should be hanged though." (Ecclesiastics 5:12).

But why not just focus on cats in windows? This cat lives in Doggie Style, a pet shop near Morris and Passyunk Avenue. He lives the life of luxury--free range throughout the whole store, a million and one soft places to lay, and more toys than you could ever want.

Screened in cat.

Pretty white cat who lives in a coffee shop. Not the most sanitary of ideas, but he's cute.

Please note pink tongue.