Elliot Smith Returns

Just found a bunch of lost cds, including xo, the cd with one of my favorite songs on it, "Someone That I Used to Know." I listened to the song like 10 times on the way to work. What's funny/stupid though is that I can start to feel sad b/c the lyrics and the chords are sad, but then when it gets to the chorus, I'm always like, Shouldn't that be "someone WHO I used to know?" So I sing it that way instead. The song makes me wish again that I could play the guitar, because I bet I could learn that song in a heartbeat, if, that is, I knew how to play.

Happy birthday to City Liz. We have planned a celebratory happy hour tonight at this bar on 12th and Sansom...McCool's? Does that sound right? Feel free to join us, C & P. For the occassion, I am wearing a brand new used dress with polka dots. Here is a blurry picture of my chest. I know you all have been dying to see this. Later: Just back from the eye doctor who was very nice and gave me a free pair of soft lenses to wear until my prescription is filled. He also dilated my eyes, giving me that flirty, "I've been smoking opium in the parking lot" look. I only fell down like three times on the way back to work.