And yet more photos

I don't know exactly what has come over me lately or why I keep posting so many pics, but these make me laugh even though they're of cats (or especially because they are?). Below, please find Ernesto. He laid immodestly like this for about twenty minutes last night. It wasn't even that hot, so it's not like he had to air out. I don't know what his deal was.

And Henri. This is the best of about 100 pictures I had to take of him. Every time I snapped the button, he would look down over move. He is bashful.
The fatness that is Emma Carol. I showed this picture to a co-worker and she said, Did that cat eat one of your other cats? Look how stumpy she is too. Her legs are like two inches long. She makes me laugh more than any of the other ones because she always just looks goofy and unkept. Here, she appears to have been shot.

More body parts. Someday, maybe I will post an entire photo. This is one of my favorite rings though.