Five on Friday Plus Un-Deep Dreams

I guess I should be glad that not all the dreams I have are stressful. However, it is distressing that they are often superficial. Last night, for instance, my dreams featured Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. And KH's mother, whom I met while out shopping. She had stopped to look at a bunch of alligators in a nearby tank (they weren't dangerous). I tried to play it really cool; everyone else was turning around to look at her and take her photo (as if KH's mother has a well-recognized face). I think I did end up talking to her briefly. After her mom had left, Katie showed up. I said, Oh, I just ran into your mom. We chatted for awhile. Tom Cruise showed up shortly afterwards, looking as he did in the movie Magnolia. We all made plans to meet in Brooklyn next weekend.

Gave Liz a paper tiara for her birthday and some stick on earrings. There was a guy at the bar in a wheelchair and I think I want to write a story about some girl dating a similar person; I could write a whole book about dating non-typical types (like the serial killer dating story). I thought it would be interesting if the guy in the wheelchair is a total dick and she keeps rationalizing his behavior b/c he has a disability, but really, he's just a jerk and would be one in or out of a wheelchair. It would probably show how shallow she is too (so unlike me). And it would not at all be politically correct.

In case you were wondering, organic deodorant is not an effective form of antiperspirant. Since I lost my make-up bag last week (was I staying over at someone's house? Can't remember why I had it with me), I've been using this other deodorant I had at home; something I found at Trader Joe's. Soon discovered that it would be better not to wear any at all or to like rub mint leaves under my arms for better results. I looked at the ingredients yesterday: lichen.

Okay, not the best week in photos. Below, please find a knight. I like this window. It's noble. You can't see in this rendition but there's another knight statute on the far right. They're both just sort of hanging out in the window as if waiting for their Viking ship to show up.

This didn't turn out very well either, but you have several elegant, shiny, and well-dusted china pieces here, including a coy woman in a red coat.
One of my favorites. I've noticed that we have a lotta, lotta Obama supporters in Philadelphia. Most of the time, they just tack up one of those blue and red campaign posters, but every once in a while, you see something interesting. Here, we have a child's rendition of Obama.

This cat lives on my corner. She looks like she's in kitty prison. You can't read her tag from here, but it says "Lola." She was a show cat. But that was thirty years ago, when they used to have a show/Now it's a disco/But not for Lola...etc.

A baby Gretel calico. Speaking of which, my neighbors said that they don't really want to keep their calico kitten. I'll take a photo of her today and post it, but could you please, please, please ask around to see if anyone wants a fluffy kitten? She seems really sweet. This is not her. This cat lives somewhere on 10th Street.