Friday photos

Here is your blessing for the day from a third grader. I give you Mother Teresa:

Kitty in the window, part 568.
I probably shouldn't encourage this, but there was a hole in the screen and he seemed to want contact, so...The hole got just a little bit bigger.
This is part of a larger exterior wall mural. I really hate these two. The baby looks like he's the same age as the grandma, just shrunken. An extravagant back yard. If you get a chance, click on it to make it larger and see if you can find the deer.
I like this cat because she just looks so worried.

Cute bicycle bell man.
And up close...
These are two dogs I pet. The one on the right is named Hercules. I'm not sure what the other dog is named. He's fairly new to the hood. Hercules has one blue eye. I think he might bite me one day. He doesn't really like to be petted.

The morning sky in South Philadelphia.

I'll try to post more later, but I feel like today will be really really busy. I'm getting my hair cut today, so maybe I'll put up a picture of that. Probably not though.