The Long and Short of It

Okay, I always feel like a 12 year old girl on myspace whenever I try to take pictures of myself, but oh, well. Here's the new haircut, mother. I got it done at Ground Zero and the woman who cut it was Whitney. She was awesome.

See if you can spot a fat cat somewhere in this photo.

Sideview illustrating the layers and also my glowing computer screen in the background.

Hopefully, I won't always have to keep one eye shut because of the new long bangs.

Why do I always stick my tongue out when I try to take a smiling picture?


Donna said…
Aim, It looks great!
Aimee said…
Thanks! But you're the mother--of course you would think that (I like it too though).
Anonymous said…
I like it too! It's kind of kicky, and retro-inspired. Keep that eye closed, it's cute, you'll just have to go around that way from now on. :)
- Liz (from NY)
Aimee said…
Thanks, Brooklyn Liz. When will you ever ever visit?