Free Kitten! Very Smart! Doesn't Poop or Anything!

Here you will find a photo of my neighbor, Avis, who loves animals and always wants one, but then she gets the animal and realizes that she's only nine years old and not quite qualified to take care of the beast. So, she adopted this kitten. Then one day recently, she knocked on my door with the kitten in her hands and said, My mom said you want to adopt her? I said, No! She despaired because her cousin is allergic to cats and now, they either keep the kitten in the basement or leave her outside, where she meows pitifully and is in danger of being eaten by the tougher cats in our hood. Today, I peered over the fence to see what she was being fed and saw a chicken bone lying in her kitty dish. Which the sparrows were trying to eat. I told Avis that I would do my best to find a brand new home for no-name calico. Here is my attempt. Please tell everyone you know. I can't have another cat. One more would tip the scales and push me into cat hoarder land. But if you can't help, don't worry--if you don't, they have a nice little burlap sack with a heavy rock in it waiting in the wings. Glamour shot of kitten. She is very friendly (if a bit malnourished). See how cute her eyes are and please note how she has what looks like a little too much black eyeliner on the right eye, as though she has just come back from a long evening of night-clubbing at a punk bar.
This is Guillermo, a friend of the family. He is a little dude, so don't judge the size of the cat based on him. This is a kitten you could hold in your hand.

In other news, Lisa Marie and I went to Circle Thrift today and I found this adorable onesie; a handmade, old-fashioned garment with a doggie patch. I asked Lisa Marie what I might be able to do with this. She suggested cutting out the patch and adding it to a t-shirt. I then asked her what she thought the odds were that I would actually ever do this. She said, Slim to none. Despite this lack of confidence, I bought the onesie (only $1!) only after asking the clerk who resembles Bret from Flight of the Conchords if he thought it would fit me. He said, Certainly, and so I bought it.


Donna said…
Aimee, these are awesome children in your neighborhood, and an average kitty.