Cat-astic + Five Friday Photos

This has not been a particularly good week for window photos, as you will notice. In fact, here you see a rabbit plant carrier, not a window. Partly, it's because I kept forgetting to charge the battery in my camera and partly, it's because I think I've taken pictures of most of the interesting windows around where I live. Looks like I have to change neighborhoods. But anyway, I like how this rabbit looks as though he's smiling.

Below, please find a clear-eyed tabby--I think he's actually standing in a doorway rather than a window. He looks like Emma Carol's soul mate. What a tragedy that never the twain shall meet.

Here is a Siamese cat flirting with Lisa Marie and me. I took this photo on the way back from brunch with her and John at Sabrina's. It has occured to me lately that I may be turning into a misanthrope. At Sabrina's, for instance, I found it totally irritating that when we were offered a table inside, this bunch of people who said they wanted to sit outside jumped forward. "We'll sit inside!" So, they toook the table we would have had and we never got on the list and ended up standing around for 15 more minutes drooling over the shoulders of the seated. Then today, I found myself annoyed by the people on the train who seem to live in fear of missing their stop. They have to stand and get to the door even before we've pulled into the station, as if the door stays open for a mere 3 seconds and you're likely to sever a limb if you don't get out in time or miss your stop altogehter. I suppose it has to do with different people's levels of anxiety. But really, don't jump up and then stand right up against me, especially when I'm getting out at the next stop too. Anyway, forget that and look at the goddamn cat.
Here's Ernesto again looking as though waiting for the conductor to cue the alto section. It took me about fifteen photos to before I acheived one that wasn't him as a blur. He is a creature of constant motion.
Emma Carol has once again been domesticated. She is back to wearing her collar with the chewed up tag. She doesn't seem to mind anymore. She has given up.

Tonight, will get to see Kelly and Amanda and some other peeps from Temple in celebration of Kelly and her twin sister's birthday party at Drinker's pub. Kelly is the first twin I've ever known in real life, though we did have triplets in high school: Annabelle, Ashley, and Allison. They were fraternal twins--two blonds and one brown haired--and they all wore dark eyeliner and turned out to be druggies to some degree or another. Ashley, I think, was the worst. She smoked cigarettes in the parking lot too. I remember them as being really a loose-limbed bunch and less interesting than I thought triplets would be.