You Can't Afford Me

Here is a photo that Celia took a couple of weekends ago. This was a book that I wanted to buy at an outdoor yard sale. There were actually five volumes in the series--one for each decade from the 40s-80s of women in popular photography. I thought, Hey, I'll buy this book for like $10 and then I can frame some of the better photos. But when I asked the lady who was running the sidewalk sale for a price, she quoted $50. I remembered that we were in Bella Vista, not Circle Thrift. I did not buy the book.

I accidentally walked down 9th street on my way to work because I had some extra time and decided to walk up a couple of extra subway stops. I always forget that there's this killing market on 9th street--I mentioned it in a previous post--these doves and pigeons and chickens stacked in cages outside of the store. Today, there were three white bunnies in the cages as well. I petted one. He didn't bite. One of the other rabbits had a toe missing. Once again, no one was set free.

Am going to Brooklyn this weekend to visit L & L. My friend from work gave me her Sims II CDs so that I can give the game to these aforementioned friends and we will likely spend most of the weekend indoors as a result.

Gotten run. More later.


jordynn said…
When is *your* book coming out??? I want a free copy!!!! Haha. Okay, maybe I'll buy one... but let me know!
Aimee said…
It's coming out in November. Yes, please buy one. I think they're only printing like 5 copies anyway...