Plans for the day

Here we are at another sweltering Saturday. What's a girl to do? Well, I just drank a glass of orange juice (sans pulp) and have made my bed, taken a shower and fought with fat Emma who chewed through an entire grocery bag yesterday and has not yet picked up her cat toys which are scattered all over the place. I'm going to the coffee shop for 45 minutes or so and then will go to Celia's. She's letting me do laundry and in return, I am driving her and me to the SugarHabit Warhouse Sale in Old City. Then we'll go to Trader Joe's where I will spend too much money on healthy, premade food. I'm looking forward to it, especially since Celia will bring her camera and I can later steal her pictures.

Oh, then last night, I went with her and Lisa Marie to Vox, an art gallery in an old, crappy building. I was introduced to Lisa Marie's artist friend who has some work featured in the gallery and it was the most ackward conversation in recent history. Instant replay:

LM: (hoping the guy and I will hit it off and fall in love and we can all go double dating together, and to the drive-in and Red Lobster, etc.): And this is my friend, Aimee.

Artist Guy: Hi.

Me: Hi.


LM: Aimee is a writer.

AG: Oh.

Me: Hi.

LM: She works with me at Temple. She's a writer there. (Pause). What's your work title?

Me: Queen Something. (No one laughs). I really like this space. It's's spacious, isn't it?

AG: Yeah.

Me: Hi.

I felt like I was stuck in a Woody Allen film.