Butterfly of Society

C'est moi. Not really, though I did go to Center City Sips on Wednesday with Stephanie and her teacher friends and their guys. We met at Marathon Grill where the specialty cocktails were $4, wine was $3, and beer a mere $2. I ordered something containing gin, ambrosia, cointreau and PCP. It tasted terrible;like gasoline and paint thinner, but I drank it anyway, in part because we had already sent one drink back and in part because I kept thinking it would get better (it did not). Also, it meant that it took me a half hour longer to finish my drink by which time the rest of the crowd had moved on to their fifth order. On the plus side, I was able to breath fire and entertain the crowd. Then I ordered a raspberry cosmopolitan without the raspberry flavor and the server said icily, You mean you want a cosmopolitan? Yes, HAHAHA, sorry! Why am I always intimidated by service peeps? Well, mostly it's bartenders who make me feel like they're doing me a favor by serving me. I felt very gracious to the waitress/bartender b/c she came by to take the order of the people behind us and I noticed she had whipped cream on her thumb and so wordlessly handed her a napkin. She took it and I felt that possibly I had won her over, though nothing changed in her demeanor.

I have this weird conflict when I'm walking to the subway in the morning, especially if I decide to go beyond my normal subway stop and walk for an addition 20 minutes or so up to the Walnut/Locust stop. On the longer trips, I pass by more people, such as worker dudes in their Carhartt overalls and yellow construction boots. Half the time, they will stop and look at me and the other half of the time, they don't. I find myself offended either way. If they don't stare at me, I think, What the hell? Aren't I cute enough? Do they think they're hotter than me? And if they do stare, I am contemptuous for the opposite reason, Who are these jerks, looking at me as if I would ever date them? How dare they! They cannot win. Still, I think it would be funny to wear a hidden camera one day (in what? My straw boater?) and take up these guys on there "hello's" or whistles. You know, stop to chat. Say, Hey, hi, what's up? How are you? Are you married? You're cute, did you want to go out some time? Give me your number and we'll get together. I'm not a prostitute or anything, I just like your approach.


Anonymous said…
i'm laughing. i wish you'd that.