Global Warming = An Excellent Way to Lose Weight

I took the train into Wayne, PA today to attend Jess' baby shower and lost approximately four .5 pounds in the process because the heat was unbearable. I wasn't even walking that fast, but when I arrived at my first stop in the trip (the Broad Street Line), my hair was matted to my head ala some chick from a Robert Palmer video. Luckily, Jess' mom had the air on full blast. There were three full grown babies in attendance, plus 2 soon to be born babies (Jess' and her friend Stephanie's). I was given the honor of recording the gifts, though I'm not sure I did the best job as I was too distracted by the baby books. I am sure I did better than at Julie's shower where I drank four glasses of wine and then insisted on writing up the presents so that Julie got a list that read: "Blanket from Aunt with the big mole and something that rattles...nother blanket...rattle...diapers or something that resembles diapers...another present from that one lady..." Lucy was there and she remembered me and seemed glad to see me (I can tell this b/c she sneezed on me multiple times, her way of saying, I missed you). Came home and then went to dinner at Padhraig and Carrie's; a quite delicious, spicy meal consumed in their lovely, air conditioned home. After supper, we watched a few episodes of AMC's Mad Men, a show that takes place in the 1950s. Everyone smokes all the time and the women wear gorgeous, form-fitting dresses. On the walk home, I passed a poster that read, "Please, please, please help us find our lost kitty" and then I ran into a stray Tom who looked similar to the poster except his ears were bobbed so I sat on the curb, trying to coax him out from under a car and petting him. A guy stopped and said, Is that your cat? I said, No, you take him. You take this cat. I already have three strays at home. I am otherworldly tired of the stray cats in South Philly. They are everywhere. It makes me sad and angry and worried that I will start to take them all in and become engulfed in a huge wad of cat hair. Meanwhile, just realized recently that it's the anniversary of Gretel's death which might explain why she's in so many dreams of mine and lately and possibly why I feel so blue.


julie said…
There is no way you will ever do a worse job at gift recording than at my shower. Half of my thank-you notes said "thanks for the great gift" because the name of the actual gift wasn't legible enough or else it said something like "Dumb toy thing that bump (that is why you called Owen in utero) will probably never play with ." Toward the end of the list I think you might have actually started writing in short hand.
Aimee said…
Oh, Bump! I forgot that I used to call him Bump. How cute of me.