The man of my dreams

I have decided after viewing a short scene from a Justin Timberlake movie wherein he and Christina Ricci are making out that JT and I are meant to be together. Look, I don't necessarily respect the fact that he was in a corporate developed all guy teeny bop band. I don't necessarily love that he and Brittney dated. I'm not a huge fan of his perma-scruff or his fedoras. HOWEVER! I could overlook all of those things. Though I never actually scene any movies he's been in, I did read about them on imdb and the reviews of his acting have been positive. Also, my friend Padhraig burned me a copy of FutureSex/LoveSound and I even listened to it and, crazier still, liked it. I understand that Cameron Diaz is a hard act to follow but I think she smokes too much pot and is probably terribly silly to the point of irritation. I mean, she's fun and all, but you have to be grounded too, you know? And so what if I can't even quite remember if he was in NSync or Boys 2 Men or The Pussycat Dolls? It's the future(sex) that matters; not the past.