Don't feel like writing but oh well

I have a connection which is rare enough so I guess I should write something profound and deep, bu I don't have many profound or deep thoughts. In fact, on the drive home today, I was seriously considering Britney Spear's relationship with Kevin Federline. I was wondering what she saw in him since he's so obviously a hanger-on, after her money and fame and the association of her name. And I thought how maybe once she realized that, after having fallen madly in love with him and given birth to two babies that look just like him, she must've felt horrible and betrayed and wondered what happened to the more innocent times with the Mickey Mouse Club and puppy love with Justin Timberlake--why didn't she appreciate life more then? I thought how she probably is suffering from post partum depression like Brook Shields did and that's why she's walking around bald and bewildered but how no one takes it seriously. After that, I wondered how Madonna's daughter is doing. Is it hard to have a famous mom who has posed naked hundreds of times and published a sex book of photos (and who, by the way, shared a much publicized kiss with Britney during an awards show)? Those are my deep thoughts for the day--this nebulous worry about pop stars.

Yesterday, I spent a signifcant amount of time wondering why so many people were shocked by the fact that one of the actors on Grey's Anatomy was outed as gay. Has no one in America ever taken a drama class? Been in high school and walked through a gaggle of guys trying out for a production of Oklahoma? Because a large percentage of men attracted to acting happen to be gay, so why is it that we would think that only straight men who make it in Hollywood? That there are suddenly only two gay actors around--Doogie Howser and this Grey's Anatomy kid? How do the handlers of closeted gay actors keep it a secret? Why is it that not one of Tom Cruise's pick ups has never come forward? We have camera phones now, it can't be that difficult to get a shot at some point. Not that I think all gay actors should be revealed if they don't want to be but that it's just so stupid that it's that big of a deal, still. I mean, Ernesto is clearly gay and I never comment on it.