Liz M. told me that her friend Rauol (whose name I am most definitely spelling wrong) read my blog (she has a link on hers to mine) and asked Liz to tell me that the paella I referenced as a Mexican dish, is actually a Spanish food. I should've written instead "tapas." (I'm kidding!). Sorry.

A very good dinner was had by all last night--Padhraig made a salad with his secret dressing and then also a stew with big chunks of meat and potatoes and carrots and then for dessert, there was a cake with hazelnuts on top. We were also served coffee with whiskey in it. I worried that I wouldn't be able to sleep later, but luckily, I was able to consume 15 glasses of wine and so had no trouble at all. Went to Royal Tavern after dinner. Royal is the same as ever. (A woman with gigantic sunglasses and messy blong hair just came in a sat next to me and started talking to the barrista about the dog doors she's putting in. She's very friendly. I moved my seat).

Went to the laundry mat for the first time in a couple of years, the one right around the corner, and there was quite a lot of competition for dryers. No change machine in sight, but if you went up to the little bullet proofed plastic window you could get the Asian man behind the window to give you quarters from a little plastic cup. I started reading this book called Scream ad the Sky: Five Texas Murders and One Man's Crusade for Justice." Probably not the best thing to read if you're already a little nervous about living alone in a somewhat sketchy place because all these women were stabbed to death by the same guy and had defense wounds on their hands and fought and fought and died anyway. And the killer got away with it for over 17 years. I don't typically read true crime, so I'm not sure why I picked this from the library. It has black and white photos in the center of the book of the dead girls and I can't stop flipping to the middle to look at them. All were killed in the mid-1980s and so have that bad 80s hair and big smiles. There are two spelling errors in the captions under the photos.

I'm still single.

OHNO. This guy just walked in who has the hugest hair I've ever seen. It's a big clump of brown dreds that makes his knit hat stick up three feet into the air.

I do like this coffee shop. The new barrista (she just told someone that this was second week) reminds me of my old roommate, Becca. She has a tattoo on her upper arm of a spool of thread and a needle. I found the Arts and Entertainment section of the newspaper and so now I can do the Sunday crossword. There was a guy in here earlier whose screen saver was an old book cover that read "Jesus Christ!I'm Gay!"


Anonymous said…
don't read scary stuff! try chuck klosterman. i started reading his book last night. not too shabby.
Aimee said…
Okay, thanks, I'll check him out today at the li-berry.
Anonymous said…
hey aimee-
i tried to reply to this last week, but my computer froze on me... here is the gist:
i too went through a period of reading true crime books. oh yes. amanda turned me on to the fact that the library on 7th and carpenter is stocked with ann rule books. i was hooked. and, i was also obsessed with turning to the center pictures every five seconds. i tried to see if i could look at the homecoming queen pic from 1980 and detect a glimmer of what's to come (e.g., poisening her husband with arsenic in 1990). anyway, just wanted to validate you...
also, i'm psyched about your reading. i wish i was in philly still so i could come see it. a british accent would be a fine touch. perhaps a wig would add some flair too? i know you'll be brilliant and get a standing ovation.
Aimee said…
Oh, no, now I'm going to have to check out Ann Rule! The only true crime book I refuse to read is Helter Skelter (the book about the Manson murders). My uncle had a paperback copy of it when I was little and it scared the crap out of me for some reason. And I only want true crime books where justice is somewhat served. And all the kitties live happily ever after.