But Where Will I Put the Towels?

I have survived the move to South Philly, thanks in no small part to Padhraig, Carrie, Shawn, and the U-Haul guy who didn't charge me the extra $34 to fill up my gas tank. I had so much anxiety about moving--would I be able to drive the truck back to Fishtown without crashing? If I didn't crash, would we be able to fit everything into the truck or have to take multiple trips? Would everyone get lost on the way to the new place? Once we arrived, what if we couldn't find parking? If we did find parking, would we step on a hypodermic needle while unloading and contract AIDS? (This is not as unlikely as it might at first seem. I have seen such a needle on my street as well as lots of broken glass and several Hispanic children playing on the streets with very little regard to the danger). However, we made it, in spite of Padhraig's "dodgey back" and I am very very very thankful to everyone for helping. Let's not forget Kali, who picked me up this morning and drove me to the U-Haul place even though her husband had band practice. Oh, and I was also worried that my 500 pound sofa wouldn't fit through the door, but S and P made it happen and that was a huge relief, as I pictured myself living without a sofa and surviving on floor mats for the rest of my life. After we finished, we dropped off the truck and had lunch at Sabrina's and then S and I went to IKEA and Target and that was slightly horrible and then I gathered the cats--Henri went into a catatonic state, hiding inside the mattress and then fleeing to the basement. I got him into the carrier and he was mostly quiet on the ride back here, but he looked so shell-shocked--curled into a gigantic Henri ball in the carrier and was unresponsive to my attempts to pet him through the cage. Ernesto was a champ, of course, not a peep from him the whole time, even though I unloaded the entire car before putting him inside the house. I spent the next four hours moving things and trying to put together this horrid IKEA bed with P. 's fucked up bedspring that Shawn cut in half. I can't wait to wake up in the middle of the night because the bed has collapsed. Ernesto loves the place. He found two fossilized mice and brought them to me. I promptly threw them over the wall into the weird neighbor's back yard (more on him and feces in another post). Henri is now adjusted. He has really come out of his shell in the last couple of years. I would expect the old Henri to be hiding inside of a box somewhere, but he is right next to me even as I type, seemingly only mildly freaked by the change of setting.

Just a few minor complaints so far. The bathroom would be listed as "cozy" by any real estate agent attempting to sell this place. There's only 1 outlet and a tiny, tiny medicine cabinet for storage and a sink like you'd see on a schooner (mini). Where shall I put towels and such? Also, one of the light sockets in the bedroom doesn't work. And there are no smoke detectors. And the kitchen has no counter space. And the second bedroom has no closet. And the first bedroom offers closets just big enough to fit in a pair of boots. I can solve these problems with the help of IKEA, but still...Okay, but how about the fact that I have a Wireless connection? That's pretty awesome. That makes much of this other stuff seem less important.

Time for bed and please God don't let the bed collapse in the middle of the night and send me through the floor.