And Then Again There Were 3

So, I took back possession of the possessed Emma Carol who Ernesto and Henri are regarding with indifference laced with suspicion. They sort of remember her---they remember that she's a pain in the ass, meows too much, tears up plastic bags, won't share the string when playing. Also found four chairs in relatively good condition for the kitchen table, yes, at none other than Circle Thrift, only $9 total because all of the furniture was half-off. So now I want for nothing, except someone to clean the cat litter box every day so that I don't have to. I am that lady now; that lady lousy with cats. No room at the inn for any more strays who decide to drop by and insert themselves into my life like E & E did, and Henri too about 12 years ago.

The cable guy, Rudolph, also came on Sunday which means I can now watch Sweet Sixteen on MTV nonstop with my mouth hanging open in disbelief on how spoiled 1% of the population is. Saw two episodes yesterday where the parents spent $300,000 on the b-day parties for their girls. One girl's invitation was a DVD of her riding a white horse with a fake horn attached to it to make it resemble a(n?) unicorn. What is left for these kids? A $5 million wedding? How could you not throw-up on yourself at the thought of spending $300,000 on a party? Will there ever be an episode where the kid goes, Daddy, instead of buying me a $5,000 Versace tiara or flying me to France to search for a dress or hiring little midgets dressed in jester costumes to run around shooting flames from their bitty mouths, how about if we give the money to Angelina Jolie so she can go adopt two more orphaned children to get her toward her goal of having the entire global collection? Or how about 300,000 scholarships for kids who are slotted to go to shitty public schools in Philadelphia where not every kid even has a math book? Or how about if you and mom use the money to take a vacation to where you went on your honeymoon using $10,000 and then give the remainder to UNICEF or Sally Struthers? (Of course, it now occurs to me that I could take the $60 or so that I'm spending to watch this bad TV per month and do something philanthropic too. I am not pure--I indulge to the extent that I can).